Traffic on the personal side

So I went ahead and installed Google Analytics on this site. I have had GA setup for Badger for.. wow.. ages I guess. Before I opened for sure. I just figured as long as I was checking that every day already, why not add this site. Needless to say, traffic on this page is nowhere near what traffic is on the store. This obvious fact got me thinking though… What should my expectations be for traffic on this site? Do I care? If I do care, what kind of goals should I set and how should I go about achieving them. For a commercial site these answers are all plainly obvious, and there are around 6 trillion companies out there willing to provide further information. However for a small personal site that isn’t ad supported, you have to wonder how much it matters.

I’ve thus decided I want to triple my visits here. I don’t know why and at them moment I don’t know how, but I figure a goal like that has to be obtainable and it gives me something to shoot for. So expect the site to start changing up a little bit in my quest to obtain three times my current readership. When that happens I will announce it right in this very spot, and the person who is my final visitor will get a free surprise. So tell everyone you know and let’s see if we can get this done.

Also realize that this site is NOT ad supported. This is just a fun little thing I am doing to be interesting. If one million visitors hit the site, the only thing I would see from it is likely my provider cutting my service due to bandwidth overage. So get the word out and let’s see if we can triple this sucker.


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