A new year, a new post, and a new resolution for this site.

So what did the new year bring for me one might ask? Not a whole lot so far actually. Christmas was a relatively low key affair (if not slightly hectic) and now I have had a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things. I have been playing Call of Duty 2 on the XBox 360 which I have to say is just amazing (CoD2, not necessarily the 360). Finished off the British campaign which started in El Alemein and went to right outside Tripoli, then scaled the cliffs of Point du Hoc as a Ranger to ensure that the landing at Normandy would go well (even though we all know it didn’t).

Belle started a new semester at school. We just had a parent teacher conference. I’m not much for bragging, but the teacher had quite a few good words to say. I am one very proud papa.

No big vacations planned this year yet, though I have a little slideshow on the bottom of my computer that cycles through all of the photos in the gallery and it has me longing to go back to Japan. Probably next year if all works out.

This year the goal is to buy a house and get two more dogs. Really the overall goal is to get two more dogs, but we have determined we need to buy a house to do so. Charlie and Lucy have told us in good confidence that they desire more playmates, and when has anyone ever accused me of not giving my dogs what they want. (for the record no one has ever accused me that with Belle either)

So what is my resolution? I know, I’ve said it many times in the past, but now I am writing it down for everyone to read:

At least one, and at the minimum one, new post AND new picture per week to this site. So this brings me up to date on my post quota.. Will try to make the picture quota tonight. Though I have to make chili for a food day at work tomorrow so I don’t know how well that will work. Oh, and if the chili goes over well I might even post the recipe on this site.

Anyway, I’ll finish this off with a couple blurbs on movies and shows I’ve seen recently:

Battlestar Galactica – Still the best sci-fi show on TV, and a hell of a lot of fun this second half of the second season. I am in love with Madam President.

The Office – The spiritual successor to the now in limbo Arrested Development. funniest show on TV? Maybe. Definitely the funniest show you can buy on iTunes

Arrested Development – final episodes from FOX air 2.10. Sure this is the same day as the winter olympics opening ceremonies, but there will always be more olympics. The same can’t be said for new Arrested Development episodes. 🙁

Lethal Weapon – yes, I just watched it for the first time this past weekend. So shoot me.

Constantine – If you like exorcism movies, especially ones with some Heaven and Hell mixed in and a bit of magic to boot, this movie is outstanding. A little bit of action in it, but the highlights are definitely the characters chewing up dialogue at the end.


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