Longest. Rehearsal. EVER!


So yeah, the rehearsal for Belle’s 2006 dance recital seemed to go on forever. I think we were ready to attack each other right before we left. However, all’s well that ends well. To top it off I gave my camera a pretty good workout. I tried to not only get the white balance as close as possible but also color corrected the shots so there is some uniformity. The JPEG compressor for the gallery though added a little extra red into one of the pictures. If anyone wants any of those pictures in Camera RAW format email me and I can get them to you.

Aside from that I am ready for bed and ready for a break tomorrow. Hopefully either playing some Oblivion or going out. Right now though I’m going to bed so I can ride my bike to work in the morning.



Friskance Bartholomeow “Friskie” Borgh 1994-2006

Our cat had to be put to sleep Saturday. We are very sad. As Heidi put it, she’s had him since she was 18 (it was actually 19 but I won’t correct her failing memory). We always called him Friskie (even though for half of his life he was incredibly overweight and anything but frisky), but I always figured had we given him a full name it would have been Friskance Bartholomeow Borgh.

Anyway, he was sick for literally the last half of his life (from 2000 on) but he always managed to get by. Friday he just couldn’t do it anymore, and we let him go Saturday.

I am pretty sure he was the only one between the two of us that actually enjoyed the 10ish hours I put into Grandia on the PlayStation. He would sit on the couch with me while I played it back in 2000. It probably helped that he couldn’t read and thus wasn’t insulted by the utterly childish storyline. He also enjoyed Bride of the Re-Animator.

RIP good friend. We miss you.


I can finally reveal the composer…

The music composer of The Legend Trip is none other than…. drumroll please….

Brian Borgh, my younger brother. You can see his now official entry on the Internet Movie Database. Congratulations to him.

Also I added pictures to the gallery from my Grandma’s 80th birthday celebration. Sadly my family wasn’t able to attend with all the craziness that was going on around the time (mainly with poor Belle’s hectic schedule) but luckily my uncle Pete was able to provide a few pictures from the event. Happy belated Birthday Grandma. We’ll try to make it up soon.


And now for something serious


This site belongs to a friend of mine. I have known him now for over three years. An exceptional guy. Out of all of the people I have known to meet him, not a single person has a bad thing to say about him.

He obtained the dream most of us wish to, he owns his own business. It is a successful enough business, but it is difficult for him to overcome his past tax burden AND make ends meat for his family. So this is where the power of friends and the internet come in.

Take a look at his site. See what he has to say. If you are feeling generous, donate a couple of dollars. He is honest, and anything that is received beyond the tax debt will go towards charity. Please pass this on to anyone you feel might help also.

I don’t normally condone these internet beggings, so to speak. But this is a close friend and I guess as the saying goes “You are only critical of something until it happens to you.” So if you can give anything do. If you think it is shady, then don’t. The choice is yours, but at worst a dollar or two might not be the end of the world to help someone out, especially a friend of mine.


Some new pictures

Ted Borgh

I put some new pictures up in the gallery. Well, they are actually far from new but they are new to the site. :) The pictures are of my dad at a few different points in life. As I can get time to scan more in I will put them up.

As always, many of the pictures are extremely high resolution suitable for printing at up to 8×10. Click through three pictures (thumbnail, gallery picture, then full size) to get the highest quality if you plan on printing any of these.

And speaking of family, if there are any family members who have pictures they would like to either have posted or post themselves (after I create the appropriate accounts) let me know.