So, I am posting pics finally.. mostly because I love this Kermit shirt!!


Here is me Jan/Feb 2009. This was pretty close to my low point (heaviest). I was probably around 200-205 in this pic.

I topped the scales at 205-210 by November 2009 when I went in for my appendectomy. Basically my appendix was less than an hour from bursting according to the doctors. So my originally planned orthoscopic appendectomy turned into an open one instead. :\ Where I was looking forward to 2 or 3 pencil sized scars I now have about 3 inches across my abs and a ton of scar tissue right under the skin.. bah..

However thanks to my downtime from the open appy, I managed to lose about 10lbs. during recovery. Of course I also managed to lose my business for good. 🙁 All of that combined really put my life into perspective and started my goal of, well, living. Getting healthy. Not dying young. That sort of thing.


Here is me this weekend. 157lbs.

so since the beginning of the year I have been doing heavy weight reps (10-12 x3) and moderate running (3-8 miles two to four times a week). My diet has been low fat (under 30g), high protein (1g:1lb), and moderate carbs (1200-1600 calories during weight loss, about 2200-2700 calories since I stopped working to lose weight). The past two months I have been training to put in a 3:30 or lower time in my marathon this fall, but after doing a lot of research, this may be my first and last marathon as the body and muscle structure of an elite marathon runner isn’t really what I’m going for overall. Really the marathon is more of just a “I used to look AND FEEL like the first picture, and a year later I put in a 7:40 pace in a marathon”. I sincerely felt like I was going to die before 40 in the first picture. There was more to it than just my weight that you see which I won’t go into, but needless to say I feel great now.

For some reference of scale above… the polo in the first picture is a large. The t-shirt in the second pic is a medium. my waist in the first pic was 36″. My waist in the bottom pic is 28″.

So there you finally have pictures.

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Gene Borgh August 3, 2010 - 10:10 am

You know, back when I use to weigh 157 – 160, and everyone thought that I was sick because I lost alot of weight. But keep up the good work. Lookin good!!!!

The Endless Journey | Borgh Blog March 28, 2012 - 4:24 pm

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