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Ironically we actually have an internet station in our hotel lobby, a fact unbeknownst to either of us until this morning. As I type this it is 4:30pm. We just got back from the Shijukugyoen, the Shinjuku National Gardens. Will try to post pictures from this station later. If I can’t you will have to wait until I get to a different cafe or home. I took around 70+ pictures in there, and very few of them were wasted.

Last night (our first night here) Mike and I found a local counter-top restaurant.. lol.. So authentic you couldn’t in any way call it a tourist spot. We were hanging out with these two businessmen who just seemed to get the biggest kick out of us. They were asking us plenty of questions about where we came from, questions they had on our perceptions of of some of their customs (pointing fingers) and customs of ours they didn’t like (gesturing with our hands to come here). They were very happy that we made eye contact with them when we talked. It is very uncommon in Japan I guess for two strangers to make eye contact when talking. Very shy. Their words, not mine.

Aside from that not a lot. We vistsed one temple so far. Pictures of that are coming as well.

umm.. that’s about it for now. People are waiting for this terminal. Will try to update maybe later tonight when the lobby is more cleared out.


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