Ghibli Museum

Just got back from the Ghibli Museum. It was amazing. Actually more precisely, it is the first time I felt that same sense of overwhelming joy like I did in Disney World. It was just amazing to see all of the works of this man (Miyazaki) and his studio displayed in every detail, from finished rough sketches and storyboards to finished film cells. I don’t have any pictures of the museum (no cameras allowed inside) but I do have pictures from outside the museum and a couple of extra pictures of Shinjuku to show how mind blowingly busy it gets here. I also have a tour book and hoistory book from the museum that I can and will scan pictures from. Unfortunately, the most amazing part of thge museum wiull not be done justice with pictures.

It was essentially a room of sterographic(?) displays. the best way to explain it is that there are multiple little statues (dozens) attached to a column in the center )orf the ground they are on). Each statue is another “frame” in that statue’s animation sequence. The entire display spins around very fast and then a strobe light flashes (I would assume 15-20 times a second). The end result is that in each position of each statue in the animation, a separate little animation occurs. Only it isn’t a cartoon but actual real life statues moving fluidly and perfectly. Really amaing. I will try to post scans from the book when I get back home.

We also avoided the free breakfast this morning. We may resume it tomorrow, but this morning we ate at McDonalds. Just once I needed breakfast that didn’t consist of rice and fish……… sigh…

Don’t know what the plans are tonight.. Will have to figure things out. Tomorrow or Tuesday will likely be shopping days. :)


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  1. Were you guys affected by the train crash at all?

    It’s 250 miles west of Tokyo, so I assumed not….but that’s not cool…

    Lemme know :/


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