So what’s going on?

Well, the writings at the beginning part of this year may have been cryptic, but they got a lot of things off my chest that I needed to get off. I’m sorry I can’t explain any more than that, but it is very personal.

So where are things now? Busy. Busy. And when I find I have a little time to myself, they get even busier. The store is growing and how. I can’t go into specific numbers for obvious reasons, but I can say that our May was the single largest month in the history of the store, beating out our April which was the previous single biggest month of the store. We’ve been growing every single month since we “opened our doors” and there is no end in site yet. Aside from a few months in the middle of our life so far, I have been able to make good on my promise to stock non-mainstream items and it has been paying off. I can honestly say it really makes me feel like I am expanding the market. Now of course maybe these are just customers that are taking advantage of our savings and leaving other stores to do so. Maybe I should put out a survey to find out (dang it.. there is another idea for me to work on).

Recently outside of working two jobs, I’ve found a little time to enjoy other things. I’ve put around 300 miles on my bike so far this spring. I have been playing Mario Party 8 for the Wii. I am ANXIOUSLY looking forward to Resident Evil 4 later this month. I have also been reading MPD-Psycho. Finally I’ve caught the big three movies so far this summer (Spider-Man 3: Awful. Shrek 3: Not quite as awful. Pirates 3: Entertaining.)

Anyway, short and simple, that’s how I’ll keep these posts. I’ll just leave saying I finally got my 50 star on ebay and remember to visit the shop to see our newest items that have come in.


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