Akismet – thank you!

So I finally got around to upgrading from WordPress 2.0. I have been on an upgrading kick recently and after upgrading our private forums I decided to go ahead and update this site to WordPress 2.2. One of the nice features of 2.1 and above is that they include the Akismet plugin bundled with the install. I have received almost 200 spam comments a day, if not more, for months now. It’s not really a big deal except that I get thousands of emails requesting moderation as a result. Also once every few months I have to go in and clear out 10,000+ comments. Finally in the event that anyone does comment (yeah right) I might miss it as a legitimate comment.

This is what Akismet does. It filters out bogus comments (spam) and doesn’t even post them to moderation. It also auto-deletes everything after 15 days so I don’t even need to manually remove them anymore. So go ahead spammers. Comment spam away, because Akismet is on the job making sure I don’t even know you exist anymore. :)


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