And that’s a wrap folks

Well, I am writing this at quarter to midnight. We just got every package out the door, every order shipped, billing done, and closed out the store’s single biggest day in its short but exciting history. To put it simply, we are currently past my modest expectations for our one year benchmark.. a ways past it. As we continue to grow there is one group of people who I genuinely want to thank, and every business owner out there should know who that is: our customers. It is the people who gave us a shot, the ones who passed our name on to their friends, and the ones who keep coming back every week, every couple of weeks, and every month. I can’t possibly begin to express how much we appreciate you guys.

And speaking of appreciation, we are throwing together some really great things for our one year anniversary. I know mentioning it on a blog seems kind of weird, especially one that’s not officially linked to the store, but I’ll save the “official” announcements for our store newsletters.

Anyway, I’m tired as hell and still have my regular job to attend to in a few short hours. Just one more quick shout out to .977 80s. This channel kept us going through the day and almost made me forget what time it was now.

Almost. Night all. And buy Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1. Probably one of the best comics to come out in.. well, a very long time. Whether a fan of superheroes or action this is a fantastic read.


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