It takes 1000 miles…

So here I am sitting in a hotel in Springfield, OH watching One Tree Hill (because it happened to be on the channel I flipped on) wondering what to do.. and it occured to me I haven’t updated my site in a while. ok…. that was a lie.. It actually occurred to me well before this, but what can I say, “busy” is just a state of life for me at this moment. I have semi-permanently opened up my site. It still isn’t real, but I figure I can at least start generating some web spider traffic on it at this point. My site design is getting close to finalized; at least I am pleased with it where it’s at and just have to finish accomodating the rest of the site to the new design. I received my first shipment of books in today, and will hopefully have the site design done by this weekend so I can get my first actual inventory entered in by monday. heidi (my first employee… well, co-owner) is the one who actually picked up the books from UPS and just went over incoming inventory with me.

outside of the store, which at this point has now become self-evident, belle starts school in a mere 2.5 weeks. 5K, the good stuff. We bought new fish. 4 Oreochromis, 1 fuelronni (sp?) and 3 demonasi (sp?). well, the one dick fish (fuelronni) has decided to terrorize the entire tank. he tries eating the demonasi and cory catfish, both species of which are much faster than him, so not a big deal. the oreochromis on the other hand, are just getting their asses kicked on an hourly basis. at this point we realize that one of the groups has to be removed.. either the oreos or the fuel… which one is the question. the fuel is the obvious choice… being the ASSHOLE and all.. but the oreos are worth more in credit and are nowhere near as beautiful as the fuel… so who knows.

umm.. aside from that, I don’t know. one tree hill is over now (not a good show at all.. well, I’ve seen worse) and now Friends is on. always a classic show. like an episode or two after ross called out rachel’s name at his wedding to emily. sad that I remember all of this, but it’s Friends.

Good night world, and hopefully we’ll talk again sooner than 30 days from now.



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