And now for a new project

Well, I’m glad I got this up. I haven’t looked to see what kind of traffic this site generated, but I hope many of you found it fun to see some of the things we were doing. I didn’t get to post as many photos as I would have liked to… But I suppose that’s what I get for putting everything together literally an hour and a half before I am supposed to be leaving.

My new project consists of two things really. First, create a realy photo gallery to be used on this site. You can see the start of that here. This site will eventually be updated much more frequently. And for those who were used to the now pretty much dead directory, this will replace that (and should allow me to maintain it much more often than the previous “site” did).

The second part of the project is to allow an easier way for me to moblog it… that is, upload both text entries here as well as photo entries on the gallery page. Of course uploading pictures taken with my camera will only be able to be done with a computer and an internet connection (until they actually start releasing bluetooth enabled cameras.. hopefully soon). But hopefully I will be able to better facilitate uploading phone pictures to the gallery (posting to here is already possible, though I have some funky line carriage stuff to figure out).

So keep checking here for the meantime.. I am hoping to get most of my photos uploaded (the better ones at least) and make this something of an updater for friends, family, or really anyone who cares to check on it.


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