well, ok, now the upgrade is really done, and it has wactually ended up being a doozy.

The gallery will now be a part of the blog here. At first I was resistent to this but the more I looked around the more I appreciated how nice and cleanly some people were integrating the gallery software into the blog software. So that is how it is now. The old gallery link will work (always actually) but it will “look” kind of ugly and bare bones, pictures will be small, etc. It looks much better inside the blog in my honest opinion.

Speaking of the updated gallery software, I have made a few special modifications to the software itself. At the bottom of each picture you will now see one or more links to display larger versions of the pictures in a separate window. This is for people who want to use a picture as a desktop background or who just want to save the image to their local computer.

You can also now print the images through printing services Shutterfly and PhotoAccess. These links are only to check the sites out and get a feel for them. From within a picture’s page just select the printing option from the drop down menu on the left side. A new page will come up and give you sizes you can print that picture at (this depends on how large the original picture is) and the prices for each print.

I also got a few new pictures added and will be working on adding more soon.

So new things on the site all around. Will write again soon.

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