So you may have noticed the big honking banner ad on top of the site. I moved from my old hosting to The good news is that hosting is free. So I will be able to keep bringing you this site with even more reliable uptime and possibly better bandwidth. The bad news.. well there are two pieces of that actually. The first is that the gallery is down for a little while. I have done some digging and apparently godaddy’s free hosting doesn’t really allow the gallery to work. I have to pay to get it back up essentially. Not a ton of money, but at this point of starting up the business, every penny counts. The second piece of bad news is that you now see ads on the top of the site. For the meantime, this is what allows me to have the site without paying for it. Luckily it is a relatively inobtrusive banner ad, and not some big popup ad or even worse, one of the ones with sound or video.

So anyway, yeah. The gallery should be back up soon (and the ads gone along with it), but until then you will just have to read my words with little visual interaction. How will you survive?

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