After spending a bit of time last night researching both cameras, the Digital Rebel XT is definitely looking like the best fit for me. IT has a bit more clairty over the Nikon, its RAW files are pretty standard so I won’t have a problem working with them in Photoshop, it seems to perform just a tad bit better in low light situations than the Nikon, and best of all it has a $100 mail-in rebate attached to it through July 15th. 🙂

Now comes researching where to buy it from. Hoping to actually have it in my hands sometime in May. Knowing my luck, the day after I actually first use it my Canon Powershot S45 will showup, which would actually be interesting because I would LOVE to know where it’s been hanging out this entire time.

Anyway, so ETA for new pictures seems to be around mid-May at the earliest. Until then I am going to try and get some old slides scanned in to at least get SOME pictures added to the gallery site.

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