New pictures in the gallery

Scarlet in the Grass

Most are in Miscellaneous for now. A couple are in Lucy and Charlie.

Overall I am really enjoying the camera. I really need to learn more about how to use it to its fullest. Still a lot of wasted pictures, which I need to get down to a more reasonable amount.

Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think. The one I’m proudest of is the cat in the grass. turned out fairly well. Gets a little blurry when you blow it up to original size, but still would make a good 5×7 print with minimal blur on the cat…


TODAY really is the day!! :)

Well, apparently FedEx lost my camera on Monday. After much work on my end, they found it yesterday at around 6pm in Oakland, CA. According to the FedEx site it is now on its way for delivery to my house. Sigh……..

The good news is that TODAY I should have my camera, and TONIGHT I should have pictures to finally post once and for all. Apologies for talking about all of this for what seems like forever now. No more talking. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, and hopefully tonight I will have a few thousand words for you.




The camera is now at home waiting for me to take my first pictures with it. A long wait. But it should all be worth it!


The camera is on its way

I decided on the Digital Rebel XT. Amazon had it for a good price, and it really is the one I wanted between it and the Nikon D50.

Amazon is saying it should be here by a week from monday, though I’m hoping it gets here sooner. As soon as I get it, expect a post about it as well as (finally!) some new pictures in the gallery.


Decided on the Digital Rebel XT

After spending a bit of time last night researching both cameras, the Digital Rebel XT is definitely looking like the best fit for me. IT has a bit more clairty over the Nikon, its RAW files are pretty standard so I won’t have a problem working with them in Photoshop, it seems to perform just a tad bit better in low light situations than the Nikon, and best of all it has a $100 mail-in rebate attached to it through July 15th. :)

Now comes researching where to buy it from. Hoping to actually have it in my hands sometime in May. Knowing my luck, the day after I actually first use it my Canon Powershot S45 will showup, which would actually be interesting because I would LOVE to know where it’s been hanging out this entire time.

Anyway, so ETA for new pictures seems to be around mid-May at the earliest. Until then I am going to try and get some old slides scanned in to at least get SOME pictures added to the gallery site.


Need a new camera

So my previous camera was a Canon Powershot S45. It was a compact 4 megapixel camera that had essentially the same guts as the Canon Powershot G3, just with a compact camera lens and flash (the G3 is a full body model).

Well, you will notice that I keep refering to the camera in the past tense. This is because at some point and time it was either lost or stolen. I won’t get into the specifics of it, but needless to say I have scoured the earth for my camera and can’t find it. So here I am with no camera.

So I’ve been looking at a camera to replace the missing S45 with. Anyone who knows me knows that when I research something I get pretty deep into the ins and outs of it. This is what landed me with the S45 in the first place. That same type of research has lead me to two potential candidates to replace it: The Nikon D50 and the Canon EOS 350D.

Now the Nikon seems to fall to the Canon in almost every comparison, except for two things. First, I have yet to see how either camera feels in my hands. This is an important thing, especialyl when talking about full body cameras that aren’t quite as “pickup and go” as a compact camera. Second is because both cameras are SLR, I am really buying into a specific system more than just the camera itself. As I buy additional lenses for the camera, that pretty much ties me to that manufacturer for future cameras unless I am able to unload the lenses for a good price.

So far I am undecided, though currently leaning a little bit more to the Canon. Hopefully I will have a decision made soon and can buy one and get some new pictures up.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I have all the pictures up on the gallery that I currently have (at least that I want to put up). I have no newer pictures than what is currently there, thanks to losing my camera.