2022 – A Story A Day

by Eric


I’ve been kicking around doing something new for myself. For years now I’ve craved the challenge of the new, from my personal life to my professional life and even my social life where applicable. In this instance, something new is putting out some sort of recollection of my past. I had thought about trying to self-publish a book, but my thought process as it is doesn’t work well for a linear product like a book. I’ve thought about simple posts on social media but I am getting to a point where the less time I’m on social media probably the better.

So I figured why not do something non-linear on a platform that I’ve had around for years (In fact borgh.us is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year!)

So we return to where it all started.

Funny enough..

Writing has been something I’ve toyed with at various times in my life. Going all the way back to these little published books we created in elementary school, I remember two books I had created… The Tomkin and something about a Phantom Racer (full first time admission.. the latter was heavily plagiarized from an episode of Scooby Doo). I think either the daughter or my mom have both of these hardcover masterpieces in their possession. (The are in fact hardcover. A cool stitching process we had back at Cushing Elementary School where they assembled our hand crafted pages and a scored cardboard cover together into an actual book. It was amazing!!)

My next memory of writing was a terrible attempt at a spy/man-of-mystery style story crafted while NOT paying attention in 9th grade biology. The earth has long since reclaimed the spiral notebook this story of intrigue and incompletion was drafted in while not paying attention to some lesson that certainly would have served me better in life. Maybe I’d have learned 30 years earlier what mitochondria is. Maybe not.

For a few years I alluded to the daughter how amazing it would be if I wrote a story (comic or prose) with her providing comic illustrations or even just page illustrations for. Sadly I don’t think she ever picked up on it, or was simply too kind to say no, feigning not picking up on it.

Journaling is like a bad friendship for me. I see the benefits, it helps me feel good, but on a regular basis I end up not even giving it the time of day. My last regular journaling was over 10 years ago, and in the 10 years since I’ve written maybe another 10 entries. Journaling just needs to move on from me. I’m no damn good.

At the end of the day I felt I never had much interesting to say, and I may not. Still, in all of my posts on social media regarding wisdom, lessons or just learning from our mistakes, I figured writing my own lessons, and in many cases being open and honest about much of this for the very first time might be good therapy at the least. Maybe it will even entertain one or two readers along the way.

I haven’t given this much thought (like much in my life, as you will see). So how this is all organized or presented might change as the year carries on, but it all starts with one, and then a next, and then another. Some long and others maybe a few sentences.

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