Ok, upgrade should be finished now. The blog (what you are reading) is now upgraded to Wordpress 1.5.2 and the gallery is now upgraded to Gallery 2.0.1. If you read this over the past day you would have likely seen all sorts of oddities. Well, they should be done now, we’ll have to see.

I actually had to create a plugin for Wordpress that allowed me to easily show pictures in my blog entries from the gallery. The most interesting result from this you will notice is the Random Image in the sidebar. Clicking it will take you to the image page in the gallery. The gallery link below it will take you to the top-level of the gallery.

And to insert a picture into the blog is now as easy as


trust me, that was pretty easy (the dog in case you were wondering belonged to Bill Keller, a good friend of the family who recently passed away).

So does this mean I will update the blog and/or gallery more? No, but hopefully I will anyway. It does mean though that some others have access to making posts on the photo galleries so hopefully that will get some more life.

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