Haven’t given many updates. A combination of busy and not much to say. Recent things I have been up to:

Getting prepared for Japan
This pretty much has involved hotel reservations, reading up on how to live there, making a few reservations for places that require them (such as the Ghibli Museum), and making sure I will have the money to support this trip. 😛 Guess I should have thought about that before making it. lol..

hehe… not much to say about this one.

Reading (listening to) the Star Wars Episode III audiobook
It is available from walmart.com right now. I actually just finished it up last night. Man I can’t wait for this movie. It will rule all, trust me.

So yeah.. that is pretty much what I’ve been doing.. Busy when I would normally write, nothing to really write when I do have time. Hopefully something terribly exciting will occur to me over the next week or so for me to put up here. heh.. here’s to hoping (otherwise you always have my hopefully daily Japan updates coming in less than a month :P)

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